Our team is here to help charities with fundraising events and campaigns that can be tailored to your exact needs.

Our expertise over the last 30 years in the precious metal recycling business has provided us with the necessary background to successfully provide charities with funding, as well as a wide range of new services.

This charitable project started in Europe 5 years ago and since then we have been committed to doing our best to help those in need.

We are aware that donations have been harder to come by in the past few years; however The Heart of Gold Project will allow your charity to reach out to donators and offer them a new alternative method to giving back.

We are here to make donating easy and fun for your organization.


  • Collecting Donations

    We will work directly with you or your charity to collect precious metals from donors. Once collected the metal will be sent to our refiners to be processed and turned into a monetary donation for your charity organization. Your charity will then receive a certificate of the total amount donated. 

  • Events / Campaigns

    We also sponsor events for your charity or organization and will be there to help during every step of the process. Whether we are preparing the event or sending our staff to your office for packaging, we stop at nothing to make sure your event is a success. We also offer the option of year long campaigns as well as custom events for different holidays. We are here to make your vision a successful reality; your wish is our command.


  • Adword Campaigns

    Google Adwords is another service we provide to our partners. This gives your charity an edge that will get more people in the area talking about it. It also spreads your name across the internet which can generate buzz from across the world. This service makes you a priority for people searching the web and continuously stimulates interest.