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Where does my donation go?

The Heart of Gold Project provides you with the opportunity to make a difference without digging into your pockets by simply donating your old or broken jewelry or anything else you own that could contain precious metal. Your donation is sent to our refinery to extract the precious metal. We then analyze the material collected and make a donation in your name, according to the current market rates, to the charity you will have chosen.

How can I make sure my donation benefits the charity as much as possible?

With over 30 years of experience in the field of precious metal recycling we guarantee the best possible treatment and an optimized refining and analysis of your donation. We also work with the London Stock Exchange prices to then make, in your name, the highest possible donation.

Can the Heart of Gold Project fund a brand new campaign for my organization?

In addition to establishing year long fundraising campaigns for your organizations we are also able to set up a more “custom made” fundraising for you. If you wish to raise funds for a particular event or for a specific time of year we will gladly set up such a campaign for your organization. For more details and information, click on our Contact Us page to get in touch with us and tell us your story!

What other services does the Heart of Gold Project offer?

Once a partnership with a charity organization is set up the Heart of Gold project can offer a wider range of service, ranging from “custom made” campaigns to bringing you a broader exposition. We can also help by sponsoring some of your events or the organization of fundraising events dedicated to you.