Since 1991, the Institute for the Development of African American Youth, or IDAAY, has empowered youth in advancing their education and improving their economic opportunities. Founder Archye Leacock has developed the organization to help more than 20,000 young people since its inception and naturally received wide range of recognition. With education, training, prevention, intervention, and social service programs helping the youth of Philadelphia. For the education and training programs equipping youth for academic and career success there is the Main College Bound, 4 Brothers Entrepreneurship, and After School/Summer Camp programs. In intervention and prevention programs to help transform youth’s lives there are Don’t Fall Down in the Hood, Truancy Prevention & Intervention Initiative, and Intensive In-Home Supervision. For family and parenting support there is Young Fathers United. All of these programs help IDAAY strive for their mission of empowering at-risk youth to succeed and putting Youth and Families First!


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