How it Works


With the understanding that donations have been harder to come by in the recent years, the Heart of Gold Project allows charities to offer a new alternative for their contributors to donate for the causes they care about and wish to support.

In an effort to help organizations with funding without asking donators to reach for their checkbooks, we give them the opportunity to donate any broken or unused jewelry, golden coins, dental crowns or anything they own that may contain precious metals.

Using our know-how and manpower, we then process whatever is collected in the metal to send out a donation to the organization, all in the donator’s name.

Who we are


Having established itself as the European leader in precious metal recycling, a few years ago RTC Recycling decided to launch campaigns across Europe to help fund programs for select charity organizations.

Following the success of these partnerships we decided to create the Heart of Gold Project.

With our US office now exclusively dedicated to expanding this program, we wish to have an even bigger impact and bring our financial support to a more important number of charities across the United States.

Our team now offers an even wider range of services to help charities around the world with funding and exposure.